What kind of dishes are found in DVC studio rooms?

From my understanding, Studios only have a couple of paper plates and cups, and it's a kitchenette, not a kitchen. You've got to book a 1-BR or higher to get actual plates (along with an actual kitchen).

We were at the Boardwalk in a DVC studio for the second half of the July 4th weekend. I didn't do much looking around in the cupboards, but I asked my husband and he confirmed -- a kitchenette (microwave, coffee maker, mini fridge, sink) right across from the bathroom vanity, paper plates and plasticware sets, but actual glass glasses. Truth told, from our experience in a Boardwalk studio, I wouldn't recommend staying in a DVC studio. Either go for a 1-BR or just stick with a regular ol' hotel room.

I was unimpressed when I found out about the lack of dishes in the studios frowning

@MDU made a great suggestion though; just ask the resort bar for some wine glasses. A great tip regardless of which room type you are staying in,

I keep telling myself I better make good use of the microwave and extra space (with the sofa bed in sofa form) for having a non-refundable room!! smile

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At WL studio, we had paper and plastic. They were replenished daily.

@jenmckenna80 ? Did you pay for daily "trash and towel" service at your DVC resort to get replenished everyday?

Does anyone know if the coffee makers take flat bottom or cone shaped filters? (In the DVC studios)

I can't imagine how doing the paper/plastic is cheaper in the long run than stocking with real dishes. Totally boggles my mind. I'm wondering if the reason behind it is that there is no dishwasher, so dirty dishes would have to be taken out and exchanged instead of just put in the dishwasher and cleaned. I want to say that they had non-disposable coffee/tea cups in there as well, because we had to go looking for a disposable cup for my husband to make coffee on his way to work after our vacation. In addition to wine glasses from the bar, I wonder what kind of reaction you'd get if you called room service and asked them to send up "real plates + silverware, no food on them". wink

I might just be finding out what kind of reaction they will have! If I am willing to ask for wine glasses I might as well go all out and ask for some plates and cutlery!

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None of the coffee makers take cone filters, they're all flat unless they take the puck shaped pods. Last time I was in a studio (it's been a while) it had the same coffee maker the other villas have.

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Thanks! @LaurelStewart that helps me prep for our next trip!

We rented points so did not have daily maid service. They left a set of 4 plates/bowls per day if I remember correctly. We only used for breakfast so we had plenty.

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Do you know if they replace the coffee everyday if you don't get daily Mousekeeping or does that fall under "trash and towel"?

We aren't dvc. Just rented a studio through Disney, so had daily mouse keeping.

It's trash and towel. If you don't get daily Mousekeeping, unless you call to ask for more of something dropped off (like toiletries or coffee), you get no service to your room and no restocking to your room.

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We did run out of coffee. Had to ask Mousekeeping for more.

I have a picture of the BoardWalk Villas studio coffeemaker ... can't upload it yet as a "new user." Looks like a flat bottom filter model Mr Coffee, 12 cup.

@getglowing I'm going to bring some flat bottomed filters and starbucks coffee - my DH and I really need our jolt in the morning so I'll be bringing some extra provisions smile thanks for helping me out!

How many posts or points do I have to have to upload pictures? Feel like I'm starting over on the Dis. LOL

Here we go: One BoardWalk Studio (BoardWalk View) coffeemaker in 2012. Might have been refurbished or upgraded since then. But it's all I got.

What the heck, cone filters don't take up any room, so you may as well toss some of those in, too, just in case.


Wow! @getglowing that is so helpful!! I'm going to do what you say and bring both smile thanks so much!

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