What just happened to BWV?

So, I keep checking the DVC website to monitor if there still remains 1-bedroom availability at BWV for the days of our trip ahead of the 7 month mark. It has been fairly stable each day, which gives me an inkling of hope that I’ll get something.

But anyhow, today, I noticed something weird. First, before, when I checked, the ONLY availability listed as a 1-bedroom Garden/Pool view room. But now, there is listed wide-open availability in the standard AND the PREFERRED room.

It is that second part that is confusing. BWV doesn’t have a “PREFERRED” category. They have a Standard, a Boardwalk-view, and a Garden/Pool view. Those last two categories are both preferred, but have never shown up that way when I search. They have always show up as either Boardwalk view or Garden/Pool view.

So…what happened? Why are BWVs now showing Preferred as category, but not Boardwalk-view or Garden/Pool view???

Do I chalk this up to Disney IT? Or did something actually change?

ETA: Nevermind…figured out the issue later in the thread.

I see this for my dates

What if you search for 1-bedroom? (Similarly, I’ll search for Studio and see what happens.)

oh duh details

Oh! I figured out the problem. I apparently fat-fingered (or, fat-clicked, really?). I thought I had clicked Boardwalk. But apparently not, and so it was defaulting to SSR!!!

Crisis averted.

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Were you definitely on the DVC site, not the Disney one? That might explain it because I believe they don’t differentiate between some categories. And not just at BWV either.

Edit: never mind, saw your response.

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Sadly, when I search for the PROPER thing now, it is no longer showing full availability for the dates I want. Bummer…but I’ll keep watching in case it changes again.