What is wrong with this touring plan? I cant figure it out

When I evaluate this plan it tells me we mght not make to to all shows/meals and that I should select fewer attractions, shorter meals.
I cant see where that is going to happen. What am I missing??

Spotted it!

You have a fastpass for the lion king for 2.30 but although you arrive at 2.30 it’s showing a wait of 30 minutes until the next one. I assume it’s saying there’s not enough leeway, I’ve: maybe you need to arrive 5 minutes early for a show.

If you change the fastpass to the 3pm show the plan should be OK, without the warning.

Ok. So basically just a glitch?? It was driving me nuts lol

Tried a few things w the fpp and it still gives me the warning. I don’t get it. Not that it really matters I guess, just me being OCD lol
The weird thing is I have 20 min free time before The Lion King. So not sure why that would be an issue. And I have free time before both meals and Nemo. Hmmmm

Is your Kali FP for 9:35 or in the afternoon?

For shows, the FP lets you into the reserved FP seating, but a few minutes before the show, they let people from standby into that space, so if you aren’t at the show a little early, the FP is useless. (Because of that, I don’t make FP for shows any more)

I think it gives you a warning if you arrive fewer than 15 minutes before a show. Maybe that’s it?

It’s in the afternoon. I forgot to remove the note, it was in the morning and I used notes so TP would stop telling me they don’t recognize fpp for that lol
Ya I still don’t know. Oh well. Just going to have to ignore it I guess. I made a pretty relaxed plan with a lot of extra time so it should all work.
Still hoping to hear an announcement for ROL!!

There’s no issue with FotLK, the 2.30 FP is for the 3pm show. But like you, I can’t see any other issues! I’m going with a glitch.

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Awwwwwww, and there was I, so pleased that I thought I’d been able to help!


And the show times were listed too…

Question then? When I’ve been doing my tps I’ve been putting in fastpass times for shows at the actual start time of the show. Do you make the show start time in the middle of the fastpass window, like the op? Does tp work better one way or does it not matter?

The FP is generally for 30-10 minutes before the show. So you’ll get one for 2.30-2.50 for a 3pm show. If I recall, you put in the time of your FP and your TP knows which show its for (you have to add the show as an attraction on the plan).

Maybe I’m now looking at an updated plan, but where are your problems? The only thing I see as an issue would be your Nemo show. You don’t have that much time before it and you have a note about a FP, but don’t have an FP. I think that show has standing room, so if you want to get a seat, you might go over there a little earlier. It looks like you have a little free time after lunch anyway.

You also have 20 minutes after the safari before you have to go to the Flights of Wonder show. You might want to do a walking tour in that time, or just enjoy the ambiance of the park or bathroom/snack break. Flights of Wonder isn’t that far from the safari, though.

Thank you @missoverexcited. So when making the actual fast passes I should still make the start time of the show in the middle of the window? I think that’s what I missed from my question. So if a show time is @ 3pm, I should get the fastpass for somewhere around 2:30 to 2:50pm?

Fast passes for shows like FotLK are for fixed times, since they don’t run continuously. So it will automatically be for the time you need. I don’t remember now whether it’s actually for 2.30-2.50 etc, or if it is for 3pm and tells you to arrive at 2.30-2.50. But you wouldn’t be able to get one for 2.15 for instance, because the window is always 2.30-2.50 for the 3pm show.

I don’t know how it works for shows that do run continuously - I assume they work the same as a ride, but we didn’t get FP for any other shows.