What is up with January 18 2020? CL 10!

I realize that it is a Saturday so there’s a bump up, but a 10?!. Is there some major convention or something? The marathon is the weekend before, yes? Are they anticipating Festival of the Arts? Is it really that popular?

Isn’t that MLK weekend? And something about a longer weekend holiday than normal?

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It is MLK weekend, but I didn’t think it would be insane with crowds. CL 10 is like, “major holiday”, not “3-day-weekend-holiday”

I do believe MLK weekend is usually very busy. In my area most schools schedule a PD day on either Friday or Tuesday so it is a big family vacation time .


I went MLK weekend this past Jan and it was 10s the whole weekend. We only did AK and MK. Still definitely manageable with a good plan - even with 6 adults and one 3 yo. We had a fabulous time!

The only time I noticed it truly was congestion from IASW down through FL and AL (always kind of thing anyway). HEA viewing filled up fast and early so we were on the TL bridge… not ideal, but we would have had to pick a spot about an hour before if we wanted prime viewing.

I do NOT think it is 10s like Christmas and New Year’s 10s.

I did not have trouble getting FPPs that we wanted, even though we were off property. That being said, we were not trying for headliners since the trip revolved around the little one who is not yet tall enough for the headliners. We did successfully get multiple SDFPs in MK as well as SDFPs for FOP during a drop on our day in AK.


Oh another thing that was happening - there was a cheer comp going on. I was really concerned about it, but we never saw anything. The only hint of it was a few small groups of girls in warm ups in the parks in the evening. We didn’t come across cheerleaders in droves. After talking to some competitors in line, it was definitely a college level comp and they get very little free time in the parks.


good to know, thanks!