What is too long of a wait?

I am wondering what might be considered too long of a wait for rides as part of our touring plan? I know this is somewhat of a personal preference, but a couple of our wait time estimates are close to 30 minutes. MK will be a 9/10 both days we are there. Should I keep fooling around with the evaluate feature as I try different options? I am figuring that, since it will be quite crowded, we will have to stomach at least a few longer waits. Is this reasonable, or am I throwing in the towel too soon? Thanks!

You’re probably close to as good as you’ll get it, but… I’d keep fiddling, and save a backup copy of my plans and then play with the optimizer, also. Because I’m a happy fiddler.
If you have enough headliners crammed into one day, some longer waits will be inevitable, but with RD, FPPs, and a good touring plan, you shouldn’t have too many longer waits for things, even on a 9 day.
Or, post your TP link and get some specific feedback.

On a 9 or 10 day, 30 min is probably not bad (seeing as how some attractions may well develop lines well over an hour). I try to go when the crowd are 4 or less and 20 min is my “threshold” - but if you use that on a 9 or 10 day, you probably won’t ride very many things.

@mossmacl has some good advice here - make a backup copy of your plan and then play around with it. Nothing is as painful as trying to re-create a really good plan that you messed up by too much tinkering. You may also want to see what Optimize gives you rather than Evaluate - in theory it should give you the best possible plan so you don’t have to keep tinkering aound with things on your own.