What IS this? TP doesn't think we're planners or something?

I went to create a trip in TP for our Universal trip, May 2023…and it won’t let me! It seems to think we only plan up to a year out.

TP doesn’t know us (or at least, me) very well! :slight_smile:

lol - yup I noticed that too! Instead, I started creating my plans for the corresponding days in 2022, and will change the year when able to. I could not not start making plans!

It makes sense because they only go out 12 months with the Crowd Calendar predictions.

Do they allow a WDW plan over 12 months?

I don’t know. But why does lack of crowd level predictions stop me from putting in my dates and picking parks?

It isn’t a big deal. Just kind of thought it funny.

True. I suppose if they haven’t entered the wait time predictions into the system yet, they just make the whole plan unavailable.

No, I just tried to start one for a potential June 2023 trip and it was a no-go.

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That’s why I had to make DL TPs for our future unknown exactly when trip, with a date as far out as I could. They’re just placeholder plans that I can play with. We winter in AZ, and someday we’ll drive to DL for a visit (I keep hoping that the “next winter” will work for us). I just have to remember to edit the date on those plans so they don’t accidently change to past ones that can’t be touched.