What is the ToT FP+ line like?

Here is an absurdly specific question, but it’s one I’m sure you experts will be able to answer: Is the FP+ line for Tower of Terror as cool as the regular line?

The friend I’m traveling with will be taking the chicken exit, but he’s also a big nerd and would love the theming/detailing of the line (if I’m even remembering it correctly, since I haven’t ridden it since… 2002?). I have FP+s for us so that I can ride it and he can go through the line with me, unless the fastpass line skips all the cool stuff. If that’s the case, I’ll have to pull a Profmatt and completely change the plan! (JK) (kinda)

Thank you!


The line is the same one, except it flows directly into the hotel lobby, instead of meandering through the gardens like the SB line. You won’t miss a thing! Just be sure to tell your friend that the chicken exit involves an actual elevator. My DM didn’t know and refused to get in just in case they dropped her 13 floors!!


That’s hilarious :joy:

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Hahah! Oh gosh… that’s good to know! He might also think I was tricking him and trying to get him on the actual ride… (and really, he shouldn’t put that past me…) Considering how he HAAAAATED Expedition Everest last year, though, I told him I wouldn’t subject him to any “stomach dropping” rides.