What is the state of ADRs? February trip

Hi Liners - infrequent poster here looking for some insight. My family’s trip is in February (a split stay with Universal) and we check in on Feb 23. Our 60 day mark is, you guessed it, Christmas Day. I’m wondering if it’s worth the 6am hustle to even bother if there’s no availability for anything. In a perfect world we would get dinner for Yachtsman and/or Topolino’s and breakfast at Ale and Compass for our last day. (Staying at Beach Club.)

What do you think, do I bother?


always worth the effort
Then if you don’t get it you’ll know it’s not because you missed it.

At the very least I would try for Topolinos. A&C shouldn’t be hard to get at all.

Okay, thanks. I haven’t been to Disney since it was 180 days so I have no idea what to expect!

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Can’t share this enough - I got Topolino’s breakfast and dinner on ADR day. :slightly_smiling_face: