What is the easiest way to add a multiple Family members to MDE?

Planning a large extended WDW trip with DW’s family (4 families consisting of 12 people ages 3+ and a 2 year old). DW and I will be making the dining and LL res for the group. What is the best way to add them to MDE? Add their contact information to my MDE and DW’s MDE and have the system send a friend request? Or get their on-site resort res and enter that in the friends/family addition part of DME? Or another way?

It’s easiest to use their resort reservation in the add a friend section. That way you’re more likely to connect with them (where they also control their own kids accounts) vs creating a ghost account(s) accidentally.

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Thanks. That is helpful!

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I added through the resort reservation method. Thank you! Another question … my sister-in-law accepted so now we are connected, but my brother-in-law and nieces who are on her resort reservation show as invitation pending. They don’t have their own MDE accounts but are on the resort reservation my sister-in-law made. How do they get added to my friends and family? Can my sister-in-law do the acceptance from her MDE since she created their profiles for her resort reservation?

Yes, since she ‘controls’ their accounts, she has to accept the invite on their behalf. If she didn’t get an email, there may be a notification when she logs into MDE.


That worked. Thanks again!

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happy to help! Have a great trip!