What is the earliest time I can get to parks using Disney Transportation

I’m staying at Shades of Green the week of Thanksgiving and would like to get to the parks as early as possible. Any idea how early I could get to HS or AK by using Shades of Green bus or Disney bus if we walk to Poly?

Also, Im planing to walk to TTC and take monorail to Epcot. Any idea how early that will start running. Its hard to find an official answer that is correct, from what I have read the buses and monorail start running earlier than posted time.

We’ve only eaten at Shades of Green but did walk to the Poly for transport. We have walked to TTC from the Poly. But not recently.

If I were wanting to get to a park as early as possible, using Disney transport I would plan on getting to the bus stop early. Usually we try to be at the stop by 6:55 am. If I were obsessed I might arrive about 6:35, expecting to wait awhile.

Consistency seems not to be expected at the tap styles. In the before times I’ve been at the bus stop at least 90 min before the official park opening time of the earliest opening park, and seen several other busses for other later opening parks show up first.

I have been on a bus early but waited at turn style (several visits ago) and then waited at a rope outside the park before being allowed in. I’ve also arrived very early to see guests already in the park. Well before even early entry time.

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