What is the deal with FP?

I booked this morning for Friday June 5th, Sat June 6th and Sunday June 7th and it was hard to get any of the main attractions in the morning.

For HS on June 5th, toy story mania, MF, Minnie, Saucers were already gone for the day and there was only late afternoon for tower of terror or rock and roll so I decided to try to AK and I was only able to get afternoon choices 3:35 Safari, Rapids 4:55 and Navi River at 6:35pm. Wondering if the crowds are going to be CRAZY or if Disney isn’t releasing their normal number of FP?

Starting to wonder that even if the parks are open if it is worth going because without FP this is gonna be rough!

Any suggestions/thoughts?

I am not staying on site for the whole stay so I booked these 3 days but I am staying off site for a few other days and not sure if there will be much if I book 30 days out.


Hi Jenn,
I have to say I have heard several other people talking about how all the FPP options seem to all be for afternoons and evenings. I am not sure what is up with that, and it has me worried since I have my fastpass booking day coming up in less than two weeks!
I will say check back several times a day and try to modify your fastpass times and selections. Right now with everything so up in the air, alot of people are canceling and rescheduling and it is more likely than ever that new fastpasses will become available before your trip.
I am sorry about your experience this morning! I will send goodluck wishes your way! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Interesting. If true, it might be one way Disney is trying to mitigate rope drop crowds. Although, I could see it potentially back-firing as well. It might just be Disney has reduced FPP availability entirely, and mornings are, as usual, the first to go.

If the parks open up there will have to be some kind of social distancing measures in place.

Think of a queue with switchbacks.

First off people will have to leave a gap in front of them roughly qual to the space taken by one family group - that halves the space in the queue.

Now take out every other switchback Lane - you’re now down to a quarter of the number of people in a queue than before.

The only way to allow for that and not have queues spilling out is to quarter capacity. Which means only a quarter of FPs available compared to before.


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Remember in the “good old days” (not really) when the FP line really had NO WAIT? Early on, if you had a FP for a ride, the longest “wait” you could count on was like a minute (the time to load a vehicle or something). It is crazy to me that we have to worry about “switchbacks” just for a FPP line these days. :confused:

Yes, FPs were definitely bad today. I wasn’t expecting a lot for our HS day, which is at 60+2, but I certainly wasn’t expecting all of the top rides to be gone, except a 7 pm for TS Mania. Even Swirling Saucers was completely gone. Disappointing to say the least. Even at 60+6, Big Thunder was only 4:45 or later.

You’re right. My plan was perhaps more for the stand-by line. But then the FP line has to go past it at some point, so the layouts of the queues will need to change.

Plus you have the ride capacity halved, sitting every other row and so on.

All of which will certainly reduce the FPs they can hand out, at least by 50%.

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Wow! Thanks for the thoughts of what might be happening. Such unprecendented times hadn’t thought of that!


Could this be Disney limited FPP due to limited staff planned?

I just got done making FPs for June 9-14th. Very disappointing to the say the least. I still haven’t decided if we’re cancelling at this point. This really makes me wonder what the parks will be like in terms of crowds and lines.