What is the current nightly rate for opting out of Mousekeeping?


We are staying at POR next May and I wondered how much $ we would get per night if we opt out of mouskeeping?


Here’s a link from Disney’s own website:



$10 per night minus the last night as they have to clean before the next guest.


Yup, we got a 60$ gift card for our week at ASM. Very nice. :smiley:


That might be the most straightforward, fluff free answer I ever read on the Moms Panel. I wonder if she got fired for that.


One way I think about it is: would I pay $50 for Mousekeeping for my six night stay. If I don’t take the deal that’s effectively what I’m doing.


I know I’m now seriously considering it. $10/day + the $5/day I would save in tipping Mousekeeping(yes, I way over tip. Don’t judge) = $45 bucks… woohoo, 1 “free” breakfast at BOG! :rofl:


This is great.

Is there anyway to opt out during online check in or do you do this in person when you are there? Is there a list of which resorts participate somewhere? Thanks in advance!


In person when you are there. Most likely because they want to make sure you understand what you are doing. In person they can explain “This means your beds will not be made for you, your towels will not be replaced…” And explain how you can get new towels if you need them. Leaving it to online check-in, you’re asking for people to complain because they “didn’t understand what they were checking”. (Just like a lot of people don’t understand that the drop-down requests (when they are working) are ONLY requests and you’re not booking that exact room.)

To my knowledge it is only Value and Mod resorts that participate.


I’m the opposite. I’ve already paid for the room so I don’t factor in money at all. I think about 2 weeks cleaning my own room, and I can do that at home. I like coming back to my bed made etc.


For me, it’s the only time my bed ever is made, so I like the novelty of it.