What is the best way to search for fast passes?

I have fast passes already set up. But I, of course, did not get A & E. What’s the best way to continue to search for fast passes for the A & E meet and greet?

Currently, I’m logging onto the MDE website and/or app and telling it I want to create new fast passes and seeing if it gives me the option to choose A & E. It never does so I just back out of it or cancel it and everything stays the same.

Would it be better to give up all my fast pass selections and just continue to search for A & E? Or what if I told it I wanted to “modify” the existing ones - would that yield better results?

Ugh - wish this wasn’t so hard.

If you’ve already made your 3 FFP selections, you will want to modify, not create a new fastpass. I find this easier on the app – especially if you want to search by splitting up your group. That was the only way I had success getting A&E.