What is the best route?

Good Morning All!

My email this morning revealed that our Magic Bands are shipped! The countdown calendar is at 29 more days, and I am now super excited! We are staying at All-Star Sports and will be at WDW for a week. (Not long enough in my book.)

I would like advise/thoughts/recommendations on something we have planned. We have a 4pm ADR for Hoop Dee Doo. We are thinking about going to Ft. Wilderness a couple of hours early to visit the Tri-Circle stables (I want to see the calliope!), do Hoop Dee Doo and then head over to the campfire sing along and movie.

We are thinking about taking the boat to Ft. Wilderness in the afternoon, but we were not sure if it would take us back if we stayed for the entire movie. Also, is the MK going to be the best place to catch the boat?

Would like to know what all the Liners think. Thanks in advance for your help! Have a magical day! :european_castle:

Your plan is great!

There are buses available to take you back to the All-Stars after HDDR. Since you are going to the first seating, you can linger at FW for the campfire & movie and catch the bus that comes for the last seating.

Alternatively, yes, the boat should still be running to MK. And the boat to Contemporary should also be running.

MK is the easiest place to get the boat.


The ferries run until 1.5hrs after the park closes, including EMH. So you’ll have to look at the schedule for MK that day to be certain, but my guess is even without EMH you should be fine with the ferry. It’s a lovely ride, and from MK is only 5-10 minutes across Bay Lake.

Your plan sounds great! :slight_smile:


As a side note you’ll probably be pretty tired after all that. I would plan on taking a cab or uber back to the hotel. It’ll save you a ton of time but not waiting for the boat then having to schlep all the way to the bus stop from there and wait for that as well.

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