What is the best room to request at Bay Lake Tower with standard view studio?

I am a new DVC member and will taking our first trip using our points this May. We are staying at Bay Lake Tower in a standard studio. We have two little ones ages 5 and almost 2 and want a room that is a short walk to transportation and if possible be able to see fireworks. As this is the first time we are staying at Bay Lake Tower we are not sure what is the best room to request. Thanks!

Have you checked out the room finder? It doesn’t look like a lot of rooms fall into the Standard category at BLT. You’re going to be somewhat restricted in that category.

Bay Lake Room Finder

I just did a quick check and only 4 rooms total came up with that description. Floors 1 & 2.

To be close to transportation, request a room close to elevators if possible. And a lower floor to cut down on elevator time.

For a good view of fireworks though, you’d want to be as high as possible. So, you may need to split the difference a bit.

If the only rooms in that category are on floors 1 & 2, you’ll either need to take the elevator up to get to the sky bridge to cross to the Contemporary or walk outside and over to there and up the escalator to get the monorail.