What is Standby? How do you use it?

I see people posting about being in the standby line, but I am unsure of what the standby line is. I have searched the fora, but I have been unable to find an explanation for what the standby line is. Thank you, and I apologize in advance for my ignorance.

That just means standing in the regular line. As opposed to using the FastPass line.

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Thank you. Sorry for not knowing.

Don’t be sorry - everyone here is more than happy to help! :smile: Keep asking!


I think that is great question! I am sure many people just read this thread and thought, “Wow! I am glad that was asked!”

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I had to figure it out too. Also, I was wondering, when reserving fastpasses, what it means when it says, “standby may be available” (or something like that). Does that mean that sometimes it’s NOT available? Do they close off lines sometimes?

Other than for temporary ride closures for technical reasons it’s VERY rare that a SB line is closed. The only thing that comes to mind was during the early days of A&E M&Gs; the lines would be 3 -5 hours long and they would sometimes shut them down before park closing (otherwise the princesses would have been there until 3 or 4 in the morning…)