What is Pete's Silly Sideshow and character greeting areas?

I don’t understand what this is? Is it a show? Something designed for character meets? We are not really into the character meets, so wondering if I should build it into my plan or not.

I don’t really understand what the ‘character greeting areas’ are? I haven’t been to Disney since I was a kid, when the characters used to just walk around, which apparently they don’t do that anymore.

Can someone enlighten me please? Thanks!!

It is the meet and greet area with extended theming, a cool gift shop, some food stops and also a water splash station to run through.

The greeting areas makes the process much more manageable - I remember the walk around characters from when I was a kid, and was a little difficult, but not terrible to get a photo with them etc then.

These days, with the masses of people I can’t imagine that would work for everything, so the meet and greets provide an opportunity for those who want them to schedule it or at least have a good chance they could meet a character on the fly if they decide they want to. (I wish they actually had Pete as a character here!)

There are still of course some walk around meets if you catch the characters traveling to a spot, or just in general.

Even if you are not into the meets, I think the theming in this area is great and worth at least a look through. Are is a good opportunity for some photos with the cool circus signs etc. We also had a blast trying on the crazy hats in the shop. (See my avatar here.)

This link might give you a better idea than my description.

I would say let your schedule and your priorities determine if you take time to see it. I would say that’s true for almost everything in WDW. Don’t dismiss it out of hand, but if you’re not interested, don’t bother, because you wouldn’t want to think you wasted time you could have been doing something else.

It’s not necessary (or possible) to see and do everything, and that’s OK.

Thanks! I think we will skip until we’ve done the stuff we really want to do and if we have time, we’ll wander in and have a look. Honestly, when I told my 8-year old that we were going to Disneyworld, he replied, “What’s Disneyworld?”. And my 11-year old isn’t into characters. They are going to be blown away with it all.

I just didn’t really understand if it was a show or not. Thanks for the clarification!

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