What is my safest ticket option?

When I made plans for our “first week of June” trip a couple months ago before all the closures, I delayed buying our park tickets. But I am coming up on the 60 day FP window on 3/31 and am out of time. Since we aren’t sure about the status of the world in 60 days (I know…none of us know), I want to buy our tickets with the “safest” options to reschedule or re-plan just in case this pandemic continues. We intend to park hop, and I prefer to buy the selected date tickets if I still can. But I know we won’t be able to go back until next year, if this June trip doesn’t work out. Since I’m too late to purchase physical tickets from UT (they won’t ship to us in time for the FP window), what is my safest bet? Help me, please!

I can’t tell you what to do, but I saw this:

If you buy tickets, it sounds like (from the CNET article) you’d have until Jan 2022 to use them.

I haven’t seen this on anything official from Disney.

I do think this is the official Disneyland policy on tickets, Disney Worlds policy is a little different.

What I would do if I was you (this is the same advice I gave members of my family since we were in this situation for late May travel):

I would purchase e-tickets from a third party company recommended by Touring Plan’s ticket calculator. This way, you will save money on the initial purchase. You still have enough time prior to FP booking to get the confirmation code. It takes 24 hours to arrive. (My sister had to buy her ticket directly because she waited until 12 hours prior to FP day to buy; had she acted a couple of says earlier, she could have bought from a 3rd party and saved $75).

Disney is extending all tickets that have dates that are valid during the closure to be valid through Dec, 15, 2020 (this includes 3rd party tickets; I receive email updates from Undercover Tourist routinely reminding of this). If you can’t travel before 12/15/20, Disney will allow you to apply the price that you paid for an unused ticket towards a new ticket even if that ticket has expired. This as always been the policy as far as I can tell. The key is to make sure that you track your ticket as MDE will not show a ticket after it expires.

From WDW’s page regarding the closures

All it this is what I’m doing - I did hear, though, that converted tickets are continuing to show in MDE with the new end of year expiration date. Just hearsay, will see what happens to mine in a couple weeks.