What is going on with my plan?

So I’m making some plans for our Spring Break trip, and Touring Plans keeps suggesting that I “Use Lightning Lane access via Individual Purchase for 11:25 am - 12:25 pm” for Jungle Cruise… the weird thing is that, every time I try to evaluate my plan, no matter where I put Jungle Cruise in my order of rides, it locks Jungle Cruise to that time. So if I make it the first thing we ride in the morning, it doesn’t start my day till 11:25. Whhaaaaa???

You may not have enough in your day, try adding a few more attractions or breaks and see what it does…

Did you select to use the lightening lane reservation after it suggested it? If so it’s locked into that time unless you delete it at the top (assuming you’re in the app because web version doesn’t support adding LL yet)

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Apparently I did do just that… deleted from the app and back to normal. Thank you!


If you continue to have problems, just email webmaster@touringplans.com
They will help!