What is "Celebrate the Magic"?

Hi! Just trying to figure out a TP for our first family trip to MK. What is the “Celebrate the Magic” attraction? I have the daytime parade, electric parade, and wishes in our TP. But I missed this one.

Is it worth having in our TP? Our girls are ages 6.5 and 9. LOVE princesses, so we have been focusing our TP on that.


It’s the projection show on the castle. It happens before wishes and at select other times. If you stake out a spot for wishes you’ll see it as long as you are in front of the castle rather than behind it. It’s pretty awesome they project video that changes the castle in lots of ways and show little bits of movie clips all set to music. You can youtube a video of what it looks like.


Thanks! I already have so much in our TP, I am gong to have to make a decision as to what to “cut”. It is so hard!!! With 7-8am EMH, I would like to take an afternoon break back at the resort; but it’s cutting into our list of attractions to see. sigh

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It’s a tough balance! I think Celebrate the Magic is worth seeing at least once, and the best spots for that will also be the best spots for Wishes. As @Outer1 said, you’ll see it as long as you’re in front of the castle. That can also be an opportunity to sit on the sidewalk for a little while, have one parent go get ice cream or some other snack, and kind of try to have a break while at the park, if that makes sense?

I always urge people to plan to see Celebrate the Magic. I LOVE IT! I actually like it even better than Illuminations. I hope you can make it work to see it! :slight_smile:

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It’s a fun show. Some of the castle projection effects are pretty amazing. The challenge is that (unlike watching fireworks) you have to be pretty close to the castle to have a good view. So, if you have time to stakeout a good spot well before the show starts, then I’d make time to watch. If you’re going to watch Wishes, then I’d also suggest watching Celebrate the Magic, since it runs right before the evening fireworks, so most people are already on Main Street to watch the projection show and it’s tougher to get a good fireworks viewing spot if you’re not already on Main Street.

I recorded video of the show last March (which will also illustrate the problem of people standing in front of you blocking your view. I’ll also note that the specific scenes in the show change from time to time. For example, Let it Go appeared in the show for awhile last year, then was gone when I watched around Christmas time. I’m not sure what version of the show is running now.

I added it to TP, and shortened our PM break. It may work. It does leave off visiting Tinkerbell tho, so I may have to tweak it some more. Our TP is FULL of princess attractions, lol! :wink:

@FlyerFan1973 that’s awesome!!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing.

What IS the best place to watch both celebrate the magic and wishes?

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What IS the best place to watch both celebrate the magic and wishes?[/quote]

You can get a good view of Wishes from anywhere that you can see Cinderella Castle. I’ve watched anywhere from the middle of Main Street all the way up to the “Hub”. It’s a little trickier right now, with all the construction walls, but since the show takes place in the sky there are a lot of good vantage points.

Celebrate the Magic is tougher, because you have to be relatively close to the Castle to see all of the projections. However, by doing so, you’re sometimes too close to have a great view of the fireworks. A bigger complaint from people I’ve traveled with has also been the mass of humanity you find yourself in after the show. This may change when the Hub construction is complete, but for now if you’re close to the Castle to watch Celebrate the Magic, then you’re going to find yourself in a huge crowd of people usually moving toward the park exit. If you need to go anywhere else, then you’ll be swimming upstream and if you’re exiting and not comfortable in crowds, then you’re probably better off finding a place along Main Street closer to the park exit (even if it means not having a great view of the projection show).

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My family watched from up near the park exit. There are a couple of large flower beds there. If you get on the far side of the flower bed, sort of on the corner in the middle of the street, no one can stand directly in front of you. It’s not ideal, as the buildings block a small part of wishes and you are pretty far away for celebrate the magic - but it worked for us. My 9 year son could see pretty well because it wasn’t possible for someone to stand right in front of him because of the flower bed. It was also very easy to exit afterwards. We didn’t decide to watch until about 30 minutes before the show, so we didn’t have to stake it out too early. It was also a pretty good place to watch the parade as well.

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When do you speculate the construction walls you referred too to come down?

I’m not sure. I’ve seen photos of the construction being pretty far along, at least one one side of the Hub. I suspect they’ll start removing some of the walls sometime in the next month. Hopefully, by summer they’ll be done, but that’s just a guess.

I’m going to revise my prediction and say that some walls will come down today: http://wdwnt.com/blog/2015/02/photos-first-section-of-new-magic-kingdom-hub-opens-to-guests/

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