What is CBR like right now? Why is it so cheap?

I am able to book a room with AP rate at CBR for Labor Day weekend for $128. Why is it so cheap? Just a good deal, or is there refurb mess, noise, construction, etc?
Would this be a good option for DH who will stay at resort and will want a quiet and peaceful place to read (=no piped in music or "compulsory fun," as he puts it)?
TIA!!! smile

I haven't actually been there recently, but I haven't heard of any major construction going on. Room discounts are typically used to fill beds, and I think the "problem" is the size of the resort. It's huge. There are LOTS of beds to fill, and without a preferred room, you could find yourself as much as a mile from the lobby/food court/main pool/busses. I think this discourages some people from booking there. It certainly discourages me. But as I mentioned on your "Disney hater DH" thread, it might actually be a good fit for your situation.

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Although it's been a while since I've stayed there, CBR was a family favorite while I was growing up. The theming is very tropical and feels like vacation.

There are quite a few little quiet corners to relax and hammocks overlooking the lake. They would make a great place to lay back and read. I do think the more populated areas have some carribean music piped in but I don't remember it being through out the resort.

If you request the Jamaican or Aruba areas the walk to the main building isn't too bad. There is a walkway that crosses the lake. Maybe 5 to 10 min.

Hope this helps out and you can find a good fit for your family:)

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Thank you! smile

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CBR is currently doing refurbs in all rooms except pirate rooms - including changing double beds to queen. Either Jamaica is done and Aruba has started, or Aruba is done and Jamaica is started - there is another post on here that has more specifics. The other areas still are to be done. So i guess if you got a room where the construction is, that might be noisy, not sure. I would love to stay in one of the refurbished rooms! We are going in october.

Stayed here July 4th weekend and all was well! We had a beautiful corner room in Trinidad South. I can't honestly tell if you if our beds were queen or double, as I was sleeping with my nine-year old son instead of my giant DH, so I felt like I had lots of room. We also had a great RO deal. I say take it and run!