What info do you have to give when booking BBBoutique? Can I “gift” it?

Traveling to WDW in September with my friend who likes to “bestow” some magic on each trip. She would love to be able to gift a random family with a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique reservation on our MK day… I can set up a reservation finder, but will that even work? Do we have to give a guest name (I assume we do) and will it be valid if we say it’s for someone else?

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I don’t know if you could.

The best way to possibly do it would be to make a ressie under her own name and tell the family to check in under that name.

One challenge will be that there are instructions around how to arrive (clean hair, for example)

But I’d they check in under her name and she either hands them a gift card or visits Bbb to provide them with one ahead of the persons visit it might work.

Kind of a potentially expensive gamble but I love it!

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I wonder if she could give a gift card(s) to a CM at BBB and have them apply it to a lucky random family(ies) that already has a reservation with a card explaining the reason for the pixie dust? Kind of like when someone leaves a gift card with a balance at the cashier at Starbucks to use for other people in line.

That way there isn’t an awkward moment trying to get someone to follow you and then check in and explaining to CM. Also BBB does take time and if people have plans, or are uncomfortable with an experience that expensive, parents may feel bad saying no if their child is there when she asks. Just trying to think through something that is logistically easier and less chance of hard feelings for anyone.

I am honestly so in awe of the heartfelt pixie dust that your friend chooses to spread, what a wonderful light she must be in this world!


Ooh I love this idea! that way, the gift will go to someone who is definitely prepared for the appointment, but will get pixie dusted in the moment. Such a sweet and thoughtful pixie dust!

I would love to know how this plays out!


This is a great idea… I’ll run this by her! Thank you!!

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