What if you show up with more people?

I know it is not a problem if you have an ADR for 10 and only one person shows up.

But what if you have an ADR at BOG for one and two people want to check-in? What are the chances that both will be seated?

Usually it’s not much of a problem but BOG is very strict on timings etc. That said, all tables seat 2 so I’d hope you’ll be ok. If this is for a pre RD breakfast though, you’ll only be let past the rope if you have an ADR.

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At BOG breakfast and lunch this could totally work, especially if you place your order on the app ahead of time. The person who has the reservation should go to the check-in shack alone, but once you are checked in they don’t really count people or check magic bands. After check in you can both walk down to the castle, pay for your meal at entrance, and then you’ll go find your own seats, and the magic carts will bring out your food. This would not work at dinner because of the table service set-up.

I agree with Missoverexcited about the pre-RD issue. It would only work during regular park hours.

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If you’re just adding one, generally going from an odd number of people to the next even number (e.g. going from 1 to 2 or 3 to 4) is not a problem as you will be filling a seat that would otherwise be empty. The other way around (e.g. going from 2 to 3 or 4 to 5) would likely require a different table size, which could lead to delays in seating.

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