What if you make a dining reservation, and not everyone from party can make it?


We all have to plan ahead for ADRs, and have two sets of grandparents coming to see us possibly at least two different days during our stay. I have been driving myself crazy with reserving parties of 6 vs 4. Can I still keep a reservation for 6 for our family of 4 if the in-laws can't make it? Will the restaurant not honor our reservation? or will we be stuck with a fee or surcharge?
First time in Disney for our family. This site has been so helpful!!!

They all live in FL and we are staying on property. I just don't want to lose what we have so far because their availability is uncertain . . .


Historically I have read that if some of the party show there is no charge. Now in the fine print when reserving ADRs it reads that they will charge $10 per no-show, I dont go until December but assume it may be enforced. Since you usually have 24 hours to cancel I would make the larger reservation and modify to remove people the day before. Exceptions are dining-show packages, signature dining like CRT and dessert parties. These usually require 48 hr cancellation.


You will not be charged as long as one person shows for your reservation. I have done this multiple times. The only exception might be prepaid like CRT, HDDR, or Mickeys BQ


I just want to agree with @AuntB_luvsDisney. I actually make all my ADRs for the maximum amount of people I believe could be joining me. I know I can show up with less but if I have extra they may make me wait or on rare occasions say no.




Yes, historically as long as one person showed up, there was no no-show fee. But based on what @reginaali posted, there might be a change that was quietly slipped in while we weren't looking. I personally haven't paid much attention to details like this as I have no trips planned at this time - but it does warrant some additional investigation...


OK, I think I understand the confusion; it's the difference of how much you'll be charged vice if you'll be charged. The policy has always been (at least for the past several years) that you will be charged $10/person for a completely missed ADR. That hasn't changed. In the past, as long as one person showed for the ADR, there was no fee, regardless of the original party size. What is unclear is if there has been a change that "pro-rates" the no-show fee (e.g. ADR is for 6, 4 show up, and you're charged $20 for the 2 who didn't).

This would be a pretty significant change, and I find it hard to believe that it would not have raised considerable discussion on this site or on any of the other WDW sites/forums that I frequent, so I'm guessing that there has been no change to ADR cancellation policy.

@len - Have you heard anything about this?


If I look for an ADR for both 2 and 4 people it can show different availability. Does this mean I will have a problem changing a booking from 4 to 2 people please?


I prefer the historic alternative! Maybe I was mis-reading the fine print of complete no-show, versus modified numbers showing.


I think you can just "modify" or select the link for "change reservation" to reduce the number--easier than trying to increase the number! I'd probably only do that once you are certain of the number like within the 24-hour time period.


When we were at Disney last May, we found out that they do NOT allow a smaller party to show up. We had ADRs for Sci Fi Drive In for myself, DH, DD, DSIL, and DGD. DH and I got stuck in line for Star Tours - wait time posted was vastly underestimated - while DD and her family went on to SFDI to check in. They would not let them check in until DH and I showed up, and said it would be considered a No Show if we didn't get there within the 15 minute grace period, and they would not be able to get the table as well. The same thing happened when we tried to check in at Liberty Tree Tavern while DD and family we making their way from the other side of the park - we couldn't check in until the whole party was there.


That is correct. Your whole party that is dining needs to be present to be seated. Meaning Someone can't join you later. But you can drop from
Party 4 to party of 2 with no penalty.


Yes, that is a little different. They will not count your party as there if they cannot sit you. If I show up with 2 and the ADR is for 4 and only two of us are coming and they can sit us it is all set.


Thanks for this question. I am learning right along with you. This site is awesome and the people on here are just amazing with help, suggestions, and laughs.


I've heard nothing about that kind of change in policy. I just reduced (at the last minute) the size of my V&A table, and they didn't charge me for the missing 4 people. I still went with the reservation.


Glad to hear that, must have been a reading comprehension error on my part in the difference between a complete no-show versus at least some people showing!