What if we don’t use a park reservation?

We are thinking of skipping tomorrow (we have a park reservation for magic kingdom), and going on a different day (still within our ticket window that we were going to take off the park). Is it bad to just not show up for a theme park reservation? Will it count like we used the tickets?

If you can cancel it… I would, just so someone else can have the reservation.

As to any specific consequences, I am unaware of any. If you are using AP slots, I remember reading that there was a penalty if you didn’t cancel an AP slot, but I can’t remember if that was FL or Disneyland, and I can’t quite remember if they ever implemented it.


Last I saw, the penalty is only in DisneyLand, not Disney World.

In DisneyLand, if you skip 3 reservations in a 90 day window, you are put in a 30 day timeout where you are not allowed any more reservations. Of course, this only goes for annual pass holders (Magic Key program).

In Disney World, no such penalty exists (yet).

But it is still nice to cancel to someone else can hopefully use it.


Thank you, we are still going to try to go in the afternoon, but I’m not sure we will have the energy after 3 full days with 9 kids :expressionless: is it bad if we make lightning lane selections in anticipation of going (but don’t make it)?
Maybe it is just tiredness

Okay hats a lot of money to pay out and then not use - for the lightning lane I mean. You’re talking 11 people at $15/ea?

I would not buy G+ to throw it away like that

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Agreed. But if you do, make sure to cancel those LLs if you don’t go so someone else can snag them.


Are you able to get an APR for another day?