What if my tickets expire?

Looking to buy a couple of 8 day parkhopper tickets to be used for a Thanksgiving week trip direct from Disney.
What if we wind up not taking the trip for whatever reason (illness, job stuff, etc.)? Would I be able to pay the different for another 8 day parkhopper later over the phone to the tune of future prices and still be able to make fast passes 60 days out?

My 2 concerns are:

  • Losing the entire cost of the ticket and/or
  • Not being able to utilize the longer FPP window and somehow having to upgrade at the gate

What is the history of this? The internet doesn’t seem to be producing good examples of this working to alleviate my nerves.

Buy from Disney.

They will allow you to put the cost of those unused but expired tickets against the cost of future tickets, and by buying direct you should be able to do this with a phone call. To make sure though, I would call the ticket people and double check.

Buying from another ticket seller, although Disney will still allow you to upgrade or get new tickets, you have to do it in person, thus losing that FP window.

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