What if my DDR is for more people than actually show up?

I found the answer to this question in a related thread, but the question was from 2016 and now that WDW seems to be trying to monetize EVERYTHING, I wondered if this policy also changed recently.

My question is, if I have a ADR for 7 and only 6 show up, will I get stuck w/ a $10 surcharge for the missing ADR guest?

I tried modifying the ADR in the app, but to do this you essentially have to cancel and re-book the reservation. Not surprisingly, the time slot isn’t available. (I suppose, in theory, if I cancel, that would open up a time slot and then I’d immediately rebook the same slot I had before for 6 instead of 7 ppl, but that feels like a roll of the dice.)

Anyway, thoughts from the group?

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No, as long as 1 person shows up, there will be no charge.


Currently when you go to checkin for your ADR the hostess will ask if you need to modify and will do it for you. We’ve had a res for 3 and DS decides to hang back. We’ve never been charge the $10 for a no show.