What have you learned by mistake?

Looking for fun tidbits you have learned on accident - whether these tidbits are useful is irrelevant.

For example, we recently learned that Magic Bands sink. And thanks to automatically flushing toilets, we also learned that Magic Bands fit down the toilet drains at Animal Kingdom. And that such an incident is devastating to a 6 year old (my apologies to anyone who heard my child screaming hysterically for daddy in the Men’s room near Primeval Whirl, you may have actually heard him OVER the robot sounds of PW). We did know that the front desk of our resort would have backup bands, and while I warned my son he would get grey, the man who assisted us laughed hysterically and came to the rescue with another blue band.

So, what other useless pieces of information do you have to share?


We learned that little girls of about 3 can be terrified of using the potties in public restrooms at Disney (and elsewhere) despite having been potty-trained for quite some time. So much so that they might even wet themselves rather than brave the toilets.

We also learned that this fear will only be revealed to be the little “red eye” AFTER the trip is nearly over and the parents are entirely out of their minds frustrated. It turns out that the “red eye” signals to said little girls that the toilet will flush itself seemingly sporadically, sometimes while they are sitting on the toilet, and that they might be afraid of being sucked down the toilet bowl in the process.

We finally learned that if you have a little post-it note pad with you, you can stick a post-it note over the red eye so that said little girl can feel secure in peeing. Then, once done, the post-it can be removed from the “red eye”.


I was looking at my packing list awhile ago and saw “post it notes” on there and thought, “huh?” And then I saw the note next to it: “for toilets.” We have three little girls and I took note of this one! :slight_smile:


Another trick to prepare kids for “magic toilets” is to have them sit on the “normal” one at home and then you flush it while they are going - after a couple of goes they will learn that they will not be sucked down like a Magic Band. :smiley:


Offhand I can’t think of anything I learned by mistake - but I have learned a lot from other people’s mistakes because they were kind enough to post about them. Own your mistakes, laugh about them, and then post for others to learn from (or laugh along with you).

EDIT: Learned about WDW by mistake. Learned LOTS of other things by mistake… :smiley:


The bathrooms in Epcot are horribly far apart. I have various food allergies (all non-life threatening) and became very ill after eating in France. We hopped from bathroom to bathroom until we got to the front of the park and took a cab back to the hotel. I was afraid to leave any bathroom because they seemed miles apart.

I had issues with the restaurant in France last visit as well but we stayed at BCV and I just ran back to our room.

I will say other than the restaurant in France (where I’m never eating again) Disney has been great with my food allergies.

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This is a good idea…in hindsight. Too bad we didn’t know it was the red eye she was afraid of until the last day of our Disney trip. Until then, we thought she was just being stubborn or overly tired or something! Fortunately, all future trips with red eye toilets have been non-issues. :slight_smile:

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It took me a minute to figure out the ‘red eye’ but that is great! My 4yo thought it was fun to move around and make the toilets flush while he was on them…

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DO NOT try to leave DS (at least by car) at EP and/or DHS closing time. I was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic for over 45 minutes trying to leave the property (I was staying in town for a conference).

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I have three things in bold red from my last trips notes to not repeat on my upcoming trip:

  • Do not pick Cheese-its for in-park snacks, they are not tough enough to survive, all you get is crumbs
  • Bring ear plugs. Only a few shows need them, but for those shows you do.
  • Do NOT pack your in-park snacks in a garbage bag! Seemed a good idea, but about 2/3 the way through our trip, housecleaning thought it was trash and kindly removed it! Ouch!