What have I gotten myself into?

So here goes, 9 staterooms booked, 28 voyagers ages 2-83, most first time cruisers, all new to Disney Cruise Line.
I have subscribed to TP Cruise and have read most everything on that site. Just ordered the 2018 Unofficial Guide, should be here on Tuesday. What I guess I am needing from you fine folks is any and all information about the Wonder and also sailing out of Galveston. Also to reassure me I am not crazy now nor will I be upon returning to port. Sailing dates are Jan 3-9 2019.


OK, sorry, haven’t gone on a Disney cruise so no advice here, but wanted to be the first to say it sounds like an amazing adventure in the making! Have fun planning!

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I haven’t been on a Disney Cruise since they were called the Big Red Boats. That said I can tell you this much. Disney schedules different activities for different age groups. They are also very organized compared to other cruise lines. They also have their own island called cast away cay. Because of this they are more expensive than other cruise lines. Allow for extra expense as every off the ship activity is extra. When we went about 15 years ago all food was paid for and only alcohol was additional. Now however there are many exclusive restaurant on board at an additional charge. All and all you will have a great time because Disney makes sure of that. No worries Disney is used to handling groups. Words to the wise. Stay in a stateroom with a baloney and toward the center of the ship. Why? Because an interior room is hard to figure whether it is night or day out side and no view. If you are positioned toward the bow you will get wave action in ruff seas. If you stay toward the rear you tend to hear the props more. Also take motion sickness tablets for everyone. Even if the seas are clam, the boat moves slightly under your feet to the degree that you will feel somewhat off kilter. Better to have them and not need them then need them and not have them. Seasickness is not fun. Good luck with your cruise and know that Disney is the best.

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Thank you Doc for your wisdom. I had not even thought of sea sickness as I was raised in all kinds of waters, but will be sure and pack them for the others.

Thanks Jaq I think it will be a blast and so much easier then the last planned trip for 28 which was 10 days in Taos. Yours truly was cooking and wrangling the the youngest kiddos while the adults and older kids did adventure things. But oh boy that was 2 yrs ago and everyone still talks about it. Making memories with these nieces and nephews and their kids is what keeps us young.

Cruises really do not require nearly as much advance planning as a WDW trip does. I honestly can’t imagine needing a book about it. Just picking out excursions if you want those really is what’s necessary - and deciding if you want to try and have the adults dine in Palo one night or at brunch (though with a group that large it might be better to contact DCL to try and arrange something). As new cruisers, you can check in and make excursion selections 75 days out.

BIGGEST advice… Do NOT plan to fly in the day of. WAY too much can happen, and the ship will NOT wait for you. Also, be aware on debarkation day that Galveston is sometimes fogged in which delays the ship arriving back in port - sometimes an hour or two, sometimes longer. So if I were sailing out of there, I’d build in an extra day in the area on the end - or a nighttime flight just in case.


Thanks Lizzie, only 2 families flying in one from Indy and the other ABQ both arriving the day before in Dallas (our home) and we will be driving down that afternoon to board the next morning. Interesting about the fog, we will keep that in mind with their return flights.

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I haven’t cruised yet but just wanted to say it sounds like a great adventure. I’ve been thinking of booking when the next sail dates are released. I recently read the 2018 UG to Disney Cruise and I found it helpful in planning what would be right for us.

Thanks for stopping by, I agree the UG books has been very helpful. I am a paper kind of gal so I have been enjoying highlighting text and scribbling in the margins.

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Sounds awesome! I’ve only been on the Fantasy. Keep an eye out for anything you might have to sign up on line for, like Princess meet and greets. You’ll want to get those tickets locked up as soon as your check-in window opens.

Also, if you don’t get all your answers here, you can try the DIS boards cruise forum, as they are very active.

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I also recommend the DISboards cruise line forum. And if you go into their Trip Reports subforum, there is a woman who cruises the Wonder out of Galveston about once a year and posts detailed trip reports with lots of photos. So that can be a big help!

Wow thanks @cadien.

If you are staying a night in Galveston before or after, we did a long weekend trip in September and stayed at the San Luis Resort. It was top notch, beautiful views of the beach, and rooms are large & well-appointed.