What have been your experiences lately at 'Ohana?

Heading to DW for the first time in two years mid March. I have a reservation for 'Ohana but have been worried by Youtube videos who have been saying the service is extremely rushed. At that price point I don’t want to feel hurried through the meal. What have your experiences been as of late?

Not sure what you call of late, but we were there last June and were not rushed at all. Went for a late breakfast around 1030 and had a very nice meal, good character interaction and very good service overall. Can’t speak to the dinner service.


Not terribly recent, but we did dinner on our arrival night back in October 2018. Our service was Slow, with a capital S. We were so tired and just ready to leave but the courses were rather spaced and it took forever to get dessert and the bill. Food was decent, but definitely not worth the price for us.

We’ve been to breakfast twice (and more recently), and had decent experiences, not rushed and not slow.

Last time we went October 2019 we were a little disappointed. felt the food wasn’t as good.

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We were there in September for dinner. We didn’t feel rushed. My daughter even participated in the coconut race which was very chaotic but cute. However, it was a one and done for us. We didnt feel the food was worth the price, without characters.


We went there for dinner in January and had a great experience. We all loved the food, except for my 7yo nephew, who was being fussy that day. Our server appeared a short while later with a giant tray of chicken strips and fries for him. We thought the food and the service were both excellent. I will be going back next time.

We went this past June for dinner and the service was excellent. Not rushed at all.

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One and done for us too. We didn’t do a character meal. The food was good, but for the price, I don’t need to do it again.

We were there in late May 2019 (Memorial Day) for dinner. We thought the food and service were good. Definitely a positive experience. We would go again.

We had a 5:45 pm ADR. Only a short wait to be seated and the waiting area was not overfilling with people.

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We went in May 2018 and November 2019 and both experiences were great. We’ve never waited longer than 5-10 mins to be seated and weren’t rushed at all.

August 2019 - Meh. The appetizers and chicken were good. The other meats were not good. Dessert was delicious! Overall, we were a little rushed, didn’t feel anything “special” about the atmosphere, didn’t see any games or activities, and definitely not in a rush to go back.

If you’re on the dining plan it’s worth a try, but I would never pay out of pocket for it at those costs.

We’ve been 3 or 4 times for dinner. We’ve definitely enjoyed the food–different people in our party liked different things best which worked out great. But we have had long waits to be seated every single time. Like 45-60 min waits. Party of 5 or 6 so maybe that contributes but with Disney’s turnover and required ADRs party size shouldn’t matter.

Breakfast October 2019 … Not even a hint of being rushed, however the overall experience was MEH!

This is the one restaurant that my son insists on trying. It will be our Easter Sunday dinner. It’s almost all of his favorite foods and I hope it lives up to the Ohana reputation. :grimacing:

We just went last week and it was super chill. We got 3-4 more plates of food and no one made us feel rushed except for the photographer getting us ready for Pluto before he got to our table, but it was no big deal. The food was good and the experience was great. It was nice just to walk around the Polynesian- wish we had that kind of $$ that we could afford it!

We were just there (February 2020) we were not rushed. The food was excellent. (We did dinner).