What happens when you don't tap into/miss FP?

Is never tapping into a FP and missing the window effectively the same thing as using it in terms of opening up your additional day-of FP selections? In parks with Tier I/II attractions, if you miss 2 FP for Tier II and then utilize one for Tier I, does this mean your additional day-of FP can be either Tier I or II or does the system see it as you’ve never actually used 2 of 3?

As an example: We are planning on touring Epcot and using 2 Tier II FP in the morning, heading to the Contemporary for Chef Mickey’s, then back to Epcot for FEA and additional touring. We may decide the night before that we need to sleep-in since this is in the middle of a trip with no rest days and decide to skip the morning portion of Epcot prior to the ADR and just start the park in the afternoon. Would you rather:
-bump the morning FP the night before to whatever’s available in the afternoon?
-leave them as is and “miss” them opening up for a chance for a day-of TT or Soarin’ FP (if this is even how it would work)?

You can miss FPs and it will count as one of your 3. Your best bet is to not have that FP be the last one you have booked, which sounds like what you have. Sometimes MDE will glitch in that situation and never clear out.

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We were in Epcot yesterday but my in-laws did not come (or use their FPP) for the morning. I tapped in for our 2 tier 2 FPP and then TT converted to anytime because it was raining. My in-laws didn’t tap in since they weren’t in the park, so their first two expired, and their TT also converted to anytime. I was able to book Soarin’ for us all for later. Hope this helps!

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I remember reading that if tier 2’s are scheduled for after tier 1’s they sometimes won’t count as used and will need to be rescheduled and tapped before additional FP’s can be acquired. It seemed curious to me, but the person telling me seemed to know what she was talking about.


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Yes that’s true, if you have either or both of your tier 2s after the tier 1, they won’t expire and you’ll have to book another. Also if you’re not actually in the park, sometimes they won’t expire. So if you schedule a 9am knowing you’re not arriving till 10.30, sometimes that 9am will hang around.

We just got back and did almost exactly what you’re planning. We had a late night before, so I scheduled to tier 2 FPs at Epcot, for 9am and 10am. I then scheduled FEA for 11am.
We ended up sleeping in longer than I thought, so we completely missed our two early FPs. I don’t think we even entered the park until almost 11, and went straight to FEA.
Later in the day (1:30 or so), I picked up a Soarin’ FP for the 4 of us (from 4-5) with no problem. (And then multiple tier 2 FPs after that)

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I always schedule burner FPP for before we arrive and have never had a problem with them just expiring.

Does the expiration have to do with whether you’re in the park or not?