What happens to my current FFP if I upgrade to AP?

We just realized that we will be able to visit WDW enough in the next year that upgrading to an AP makes sense. We have purchased a package including tickets through Disney for July and want to upgrade before our scheduled trip so we can visit a little earlier than we originally planned. Is that possible? And what will happen to my FPP that I already have booked as part of our package if I do? And we already have a November (thanksgiving) trip booked. Should I cancel and rebook with our AP? Or just modify the package? Any advice greatly appreciated.

You will not lose your FPs. Someone else will have to comment on the early part. Is your other trip a Room Only or a package? If it is room only, you can just modify to apply any discounts. If it is a package- do you have dining?

It’s a package currently with room tickets and dining. I might end up having to just rebook that, I guess, which is fine.

You can keep dining with an AP and it is still a package. I would call 407-566-4985 option 5. Ticket specialist first. I know @Fatty_McButterpants was able to upgrade his Disney tickets to an AP before his trip but I do not know if they were part of a package or not .

Thanks so much for the advice! I will give the ticket specialist a call and see what they can do.