What happens to LL when ride is down?

I thought I read that your time is extended of the ride is down but does it ever become any a time like FPP. I’m asking because I see they Dinosaur had been down all day. What would happen at this point?

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Yes, you get an anytime pass. You will also be able to use it at other rides but not the big ticket ones.

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It converts to an Anytime pass, which is a big deal! Read this post, I summarized how it works:


That’s what I thought. That’s great.

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It’s not really clear from the preview, but the Anytime pass makes it so all of your eligible LLs can be used any time, not just the Anytime pass itself. It’s what we refer to as a “Golden Ticket.” There’s some weird quirk in the coding.


Wow! That is nice- thanks.

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Indeed that’s so helpful thanks for sharing so clearly, looking forward to giving this a try next week!

Who need VIP when you have Merlock & Anytime!

Keep this in mind if there’s a storm while you’re there - when we were there in March we had a lot of rain and I was able to get some good anytimes by booking something that was down in the near future (Tomorrowland Speedway, Dumbo), having it convert, and then booking something else.

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Yes. That was the strategy with FPP. So you can book immediately again after using any anytime LL?