What happens if you are one credit short at a signature restaurant?

We have an ADR for CRT and will be using the last of our credits for dinner there. Although I think we will be one credit short for the 5 of us. I could pay for DDs meal (child price) OOP and then just have one credit left over? I could use that one credit the next day at a QS so it wouldn’t got to waste. Am I allowed to split the bill in that way?

I would run the numbers on doing that vs paying out of pocket for 1 credit of your cheapest single credit TS meal and see which would cost you the least. Eg. if you are having something like a Garden Grill breakfast it might cost you less money to pay out of pocket for that.

ETA: If you are on the regular dining plan and not the deluxe plan I believe it is separated into adult and child credits for TS. So if it’s an adult credit you are short by you would need to pay out of pocket for that.

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You can do that as long as you have adult credits to pay for the adults. It’s usually not a good use of credits to eat at signatures as the cost is less than you could get for 2 credits so you might want to use your credits elsewhere instead but you’d have to do the maths.

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If you use the dining plan calculator it will tell you which restaurant would be best to pay out of pocket for. This helped me on a trip where we had a lot of dining plan. I ended up paying for Yak and Yeti out of pocket and joined Landry’s to receive the $25 joining credit and the $25 birthday credit.

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We have the deluxe DP. We also have two rooms booked at Pop so I took advantage of the girls (myself and DD7) being in one room and only getting the dining plan for that room. We are only for a short 3d stay (so 18 credits) and not doing tons of dining. So I am already using 5 credits for TH ROL package (good use). We are also going to Homecoming and then CRT dinner. I was thinking if we use 4 credits at Homecoming that would be enough food for 5 of us especially with deluxe dining we get apps included. That would only leave 9 credits left though and we need 10 for CRT. The cost for the kids meal at CRT would be the best to pay OOP, but will they split the bill that way?