What happens at check-in?

We are taking our first trip as a family and staying at BLT. I’m just curious to know what happens at check-in? We are on the meal plan so assume that’s when we get those dang cups but curious to know what else they give us - maps, scheduled, etc.?
I completed the online check-in and selected the highest floors as a room request.
(Silly thing to be wondering about, I know! I’m just impatiently, excitedly, and anxiously awaiting our trip and my mind is racing! :slight_smile: )

These days, not much. You get a packet of papers, with a map of the hotel and maybe some information about movies, pool parties, and other daily happenings at the resort, and a parking pass if you have a car (usually CM’s offer this, but sometimes I have to ask for it). There are maps at the front desk (or right next to it), but I don’t think those are included in what they hand out anymore, so I always grab some as keepsakes from my trips. You used to get your room keys, but most likely you’ll already have yours ahead of time (if you have your MagicBands).

I have not personally used the Dining Plan, but believe that you can’t use your dining credits until you check in and that you get your resort mugs at the counter service restaurant at your resort (which probably also needs to be done after you check in).

That’s all I can think of.

Yes you get your mugs at the counter service restaurant. They will scan your MB and it will be actvated