What happened to the weather?

I know Florida is meant to be changeable weather in jan and Feb but was surprised at how cold the forecast is for this week. Anyone who travels there regularly or who is a Florida resident… is it likely to be better by presidents week? Was really hoping for upwards of 20C

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It’s cold enough there that it made the national news. I saw an article yesterday about how all the water parks in Orlando had to close. Very rare. I hope it warms up for you.

President’s week…I am hoping for it to be better next week, but looks like a lot of rain for us…

I had cold rainy weather when I visited Disneyland in February a couple of years ago. I was thinking I was escaping to sunny California. Always expect the unexpected.

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This piece happens rather a lot.

But the cold they are having, while not unusual, is not particularly common

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I had my Facebook memories pop up for this week two years ago when I was visiting with my mom and niece. We all had heavy coats, hats and mittens, the pools were closed (as were the water parks) and the flowers were all covered (especially the gorgeous garden outside LeCellier!).

We’re hoping for a big warm up for President’s week too!

I didn’t know that it’s not unusual for the water parks to close. Since it made the news I thought it was unusual.


I’ve been to central FL in January when it got below freezing, and also when it was in the lower 20s the entire time. It’s just a terribly unpredictable time for weather there. Colder than usual this week doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be cold nearly a month from now, though, so I wouldn’t stress over it too much until you get within 10 days or so.

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Florida weather is not only capricious and unknowable, but is self-aware and actively malicious. It chooses temperature and precipitation so as to ruin the maximal number of innocent children’s Disney dreams.

It’s very likely that a large contingent of terminally ill children were in Orlando this week with nothing but dreams of going to Typhoid Lagoon. Florida weather chose to be cold so as to strip them of even the barest hope of joy.


My sister is also a harbinger of the worst FL weather. Every time she’s gone (or had firm plans to go) during hurricane season there has been one within 60 miles of her. Both times the family has gone to the Keys over the holidays we had unseasonably cold weather with no sun at all. We went in November one year and it was also much colder than usual.

I feel like FL always has at least one memorable cold snap each winter.

It was unseasonably cold for us in Nov, though not this bad. It’s such a bummer when it is cold on Vacation IMO.

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Thought this may be of interest for guest in Florida. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/21/weather/miami-freeze-falling-iguana-forecast-trnd/index.html

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I wouldn’t get near an outdoor water park at this time of year. They are for summer afternoons. Exit when dark clouds enter.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the forecast for our trip next week. Florida has one of the most dynamic forecasts I’ve ever seen! It changes minute by minute!