What happened to the customizable maps?

I remember seeing a post on the forum about creating custom Disney maps. I knew that when I got to the stage of finalizing my TPs I’d get the custom maps. Well the link for the maps in My Disney Experience doesn’t work.

Does anyone know if Disney has removed it or if it’s just been hidden somewhere else?

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Hmm - the link I saved for the customized maps is broken as well. Knowing WDW IT, it is probably a server issue, but you might want to contact Guest Services to find out for sure

Oh dang! I was hoping to make one of those maps as well. I found this response from the disney mom’s panel Q&A:

“I’m so sorry to report that, unfortunately, all traces of the links for the customized maps of Walt Disney World Resort have been removed. Things are always changing on the website, and it seems this offering has been discontinued after being available for several years. I love these maps (like so many other Guests do), so I can only hope that they are revamping the customized maps for us. Keep an eye on the website with me. I have found that most of the time when an option is removed, something even better takes its place.”

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Thanks, @fiel. I ordered the trip planning DVD and was looking for the customizable maps this past weekend. I was sure it was just me, so I hadn’t asked.

C’mon, Disney, let me have my maps!!!

Guess she didn’t look very hard. The link is still there it just doesn’t work.

Just an observation but for a multi-billion $ company, that relies heavily on technology, one would expect far fewer glitches with their software than end users are experiencing.

Between reservations not opening when they say they would, FPP disappearing from their system, links not working or just not being removed on a timely basis, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m dealing with professional company. The 180 days+ of planning is my “first impression” of Disney. It hasn’t been the magical experience I’ve been hoping for.

Weird. The link does NOT appear on my Disney homepage (same address as the one in your screen shot). I had the map linked saved in my notes and it just redirects to the main map page.
Regardless, hopefully they bring them back! Sounds like a lot of a people liked them. I’ll cross my fingers for new and improved customizable map before my Feb trip!

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I just checked it again. I enter through disney.ca then select english then WDW. Maybe it’s how I get there that makes a difference.

@egkleinmann Same here. No link, no nothin’.

@fiel I have to agree with the whole IT thing. For a company that relies so much on technology, and one that, going all the way back to 1955, has been a technological innovator, it is VERY disappointing to have my reservations disappear for days at a time. I realize that tens of thousands of people access disney.com on a daily basis but amazon.com seems to do quite well without my orders being lost, dropped or otherwise manhandled.

We just got ours in the mail last week… I got an email “inviting” us to customize maps. I also did the planning cd a few weeks ago… So I guess I’m on their radar :wink: yay!

I have ordered the DVD twice - once online and, when that one never arrived, once over the phone. It’s been over 2 months since the online order and 1 month since the phone order and still no DVD. I don’t think it’s coming…

I, too, am surprised at the many “breakdowns” experienced through Disney - from incorrect dining package on My Disney Experience to errors in restaurant reservations/ cancellations, plus the vacation planning DVD.

This is our 1st trip to WDW. I hope it all goes smoothly!!! I’ve just kept paper copies of all confirmations, just to be safe :smile: