What Happened to Crowd Levels?

I know you guys are constantly updating but what happened with crowd levels? Everything seems to have increased! Especially for my week of 9/9 - 9/15. I was at 3-4 and now the early week is 6 in some cases. What new information came to bring this about?

Early in the week is Rosh Hashanah - I know NYC schools are out the 10th and 11th.

I guess that could be it. But I figured someone from the website could tell us for sure. Something made them re-evaluate from previous years’ actual attendance. Thanks, lizzieanne771.

I do know there has been a lot of talk on the WDW side about how they are changing what the numbers represent. I’m kind of wondering if this has something to do with it. I know that for my trip in August, several of my USF days went up, well some of my IOA days went down. I was wondering if this had anything to do with a possible new night show.

You may be right, rebeecky. It would be nice to know that it doesn’t mean there will be more people, just a change in what the numbers represent. It would be nice if someone from the website who is involved with this change could tell us what it means.