What FPs do you book for your last day when you don't know what your kids will want to do?

So, taking DD4 and DS1 to WDW in January and FP day is approaching. We’re spending six days, taking mid-day breaks, and ending the day by 6 or 7 most nights:

Day 1 - MK w/BOG PPO ADR (doing Adventureland, Liberty Square, and some Fantasyland
Day 2 - EC (FEA of course, LwtL, all the Seas stuff, pizza at Via Napoli for dinner - a walk around WS but probably not a ton of time in any one place)
Day 3 - AK (rope dropping KS (but still debating a Tusker House PPO ADR I have), Na’vi River, all the animal treks, meeting Pocahontas and Russell and Dug and MM and MM, FotLK, dinner at Tiffins (FotLK package), and KS again at night - mom may do FOP on her own)
Day 4 - HS (ASwS,SDD,MFSR, Jedi Training; kids only doing a half day here, then a babysitter so mom and dad can go back and build droids and do RotR)
Day 5 - MK w/EMM (so the rest of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland) + Tony’s Parade Package Lunch

Day 6 is where I’m confused. We have an ADR for Bon Voyage (my DD thinks Flynn Rider is the bee’s knees). Originally, I was thinking we’d head to either EC or HS and repeat either FEA or SDD. I do have another droid building reservation if we feel like the kids will want their own (and deserve them!). And then our midday break and then go wherever DD wants to repeat in the afternoon (maybe back to AK for more animals or MK for more Fantasyland…). She’s only 38" so can do 7DMT and SDD but no other real thrill rides. But, she’s never actually been on a roller coaster, so I don’t know if she’ll want to do those again. She may just want to sit on IASW for a couple of turns… so what FPs do I book for that day? Grab the hard ones to get if they’re available just because and then swap them out if she doesn’t like the rides the first time around? I don’t even know what park(s) we’ll be going to.

What would you do? TIA.

ETA: She’s not a huge fan of “shows” so I know there’s a ton more at HS, but she won’t be in to it. She does LOVE meeting characters and I’ve got a whole bunch of that built in. (I really wish World Showcase opened at earlier… sigh.)

She’s not alone!!

As for the FPs, I would book the hardest to get ones (ie - 7DMT or SDD) just in case. If you don’t need them, it’s easier to modify to something less popular. So then, to me, the real decision is where you want to book. It’s tough, but, at the end of the day, she won’t know she had the choice!!

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This is tough when you don’t really know what DD4 will like most. Last week we were in WDW with DD4 and DS (almost 2) so I can share with you what DD4 was most interested in.

She tried 7DMT (first rollercoaster) and did not like it so that was it for rollercoasters. She loved many rides at MK. She also loved Toy Story Land at HS. We only spent 4 hours at HS so we only did A2S, TSM, Frozen Sing-A-Long, Meet Olaf, and Disney Junior breakfast at Hollywood & Vine. She asked for more time at HS because she wanted to ride A2S and TSM again and meet Toy Story characters (Bo Peep, Woody and Jessie), but we didn’t have a way to fit it in our schedule (we had 1 day left before leaving WDW which was our 2nd MK day).

If I had 2 full days planned for MK and 1/2 day for HS, I would plan to go to HS for a bit after Bon Voyage and get a FP in advance for a TSL ride. Then, I would go to MK after the WDW mid-day break. Nothing is guaranteed but I suspect you will find Same Day Fastpasses for many rides your daughter likes at MK. My daughter was very happy spending an afternoon at MK on low wait and easier same day FP rides like Small World, TeaCups, Dumbo, Magic Carpets, Winnie the Pooh, Under the Sea, and the Carousel.

Again though … all this stuff is very individual based on the child’s preferences.