What Fastpass selection should I choose?

I’ve got 2 options:
Splash Mountain 10AM
…or SDMT 10PM

What would you choose?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

I would do 7DMT. It usually has longer lines. However, I would still try to get a Splash later on in the heat of the day.

EDIT: in my haste to answer, I didn’t notice the PM by 7dmt. I would do Splash since it’s earlier. If you will be in the park at 10, the lines for 7dmt may be shorter because families with kids would be leaving.

Would the SDMT (or 7DMT) be an advance FPP? If it is truly at 10 PM (not AM), then you will not be able to make any 4th FPP until you use that 10 PM one. I really enjoyed making those 4th, 5th, and even 6th FPP after using the prior ones.

Even without the 4th or more FPs I would do 7DMT but I greatly prefer it at night- will Wishes be happening at 10?