What exactly does 30 days mean?

Say I want to book a FPP for the 31st of the month. When does the 30 day window open? The 1st? Or the 2nd? And at what time does it open?

At exactly 7:00 AM, 30 days from the date you are trying to book the fast pass. So, for January 31st, the window would open up at 7:00 AM on February 2nd.

Woops, what I meant to say, for Fast Passes on 2/2, your window would open up at 7:00 AM on 1/31.

Or even for FPs on 3/2, the date would be 1/31 perhaps? :grinning:

@profmatt, There is a tool somewhere on touringplans you can use to work it out, and ADRs, just can’t find it!

But if you add the dates of your trip to TP, then they will email you when it’s time to make them.

LOL — see: nobody can do math(s). Not even me! And I teach it!

Good call on adding my dates to TP — I’ll do that!

Have sketched out a first draft of my plan for my trip and most of my ADRs are in place :slight_smile:

For your example, it is really easy - the first of the month (31 - 30).

For other dates where you have to go to the previous month and you don’t feel like figuring out the “tricky” math, just use Excel. Put the date you want to make FPPs for in cell A1, and put the formula =A1-30 in cell A2. Et voila! (or “walla” as those who have difficulty with date-based math might say :wink: )

Were you up all night or do them this morning?

Glad things are shaping up.

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5 out of 4 people can’t do math, this post proves that.


I got three hours sleep last night. I just couldn’t sleep. My mind was on overdrive.

Two VIP tours booked :smiley:

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Right, we need details please!

ADRs and VIP tours …

Plenty to start a trip planning report. :grinning:


I also set up a trip on my dashboard on the touring plans site. That way I can go to the home page of the app and see my countdown. I have countdown apps but I like this too.