What else to do for one day?

Me again…this board sure doesn’t seem as active as the WDW board.

We are considering flying in on saturday for our cruise on monday. We are going to stay at the airport Hyatt, I think, just for ease of transportation to the ship. But- what else can we do in Orlando with our 3yo besides the world? I have never been to Orlando without visiting US/IOA or WDW (13 trips and only ever went to those places!) But we don’t want to sit around all day on sunday, either. What are some things that the 3yo would enjoy that don’t involve Mickey? (I have zero interest in going to the park with a stroller)

yes this board is much much quieter. bummer as I have questions about our first cruise too. I have been exploring options for one day as well. My kids are a bit older, so we are going to the space center. But I have heard many people recommend a day at the beach. Cocoa I think? You could post this on the WDW board and will probably get a lot of responses there.

It is a bit of a drive - but LEGO LAND is awesome - especially for a 3 yr old. We took our kids there (they were a bit older but not much) it was great. Clean, SMALL park. Food was good and it was definitely “small kid” friendly. The staff was exceptional. You may just want to take in Orlando as well - go into winter park or hand out in Celebration and just people watch. It would be a waste to stay at the Airport

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great idea if the kid likes legos at all. We’ve been a few times, and the first time I think our son was about 4. last time this October. It is a much diff experience that Disney, and kids outgrow that park so young it nice to enjoy it while they still appreciate it.

Funny, am I the only one that has their settings set to all categories at all times? Sorry, I don’t know any answers to DCL but I wonder how much of it is that there are just not as many people that cruise? Although I must admit it is on my “bucket list”.

Sorry if this is too late for you (you didn’t say when your cruise is). If you’ve taken it already, what did you decide?

We’re going a day early, to and will probably hit up the Florida mall or Disney Springs with our one day, but my kids are almost teens. There are beaches, if you want to rent a car and head out that way. Then you might as well stay at a hotel on the coast, rather than in Orlando.