What does it really cost?

I'm trying to decide if we should buy the DDP for a portion of our trip (it's a split stay). Our trip is in Feb 2015 during the half marathon, and I realize that prices increase, but I'm not sure what the current prices are.

I have ADRs for 1900PF, Fantasmic MM, Biergarten, and CP.

Disney's site shows a price range $30-$60 / adult for 1900PF. That's a pretty large range. A swing of $30 / person is the difference between buying the DDP to save money and not buying it because it would be cheaper to pay cash.

Can anyone tell me what they payed per person including tax. We are 2 adults and 1 child.



The touringplans app currently shows breakfast at $29.99 for adults and dinner at $39.99. I would guess that maybe there is a range because alcoholic beverages are available during dinner at an additional charge, as well as fluctuations in price based on seasonal rates. They charge more in peak seasons.

Keep in mind as well that the price for the dining plan will likely increase next year but I don't believe anything has been released yet.

The 2015 Dining Plan rates were released in July. I know what the rates are. What I don't know is if $40/adult for dinner including tax is what the actual price is today.

If the difference between paying with the dining plan vs cash is an overall savings of $40, I wouldn't spend $20 on a taxi to go check in at the new resort at 6 am. But if each of the 4 TS meals were actually priced at $60/adult and I was saving $40/meal or $160 during the life of the dining plan [($60-$40) x 2 adults x 4 meals], I would be more eager to drag my family to a 6 am check-in.

Can any one confirm if the pricing on Touring plans is up to date?



TP Menus include the last update date. It will tell you on the page the last time the menu was updated in TP.

The difference in the DDP and OOP is in how you eat. Do you always get a desert for everyone? Do you use the refill mugs? Do you mind seeing the prices when you have to pay for your meals? Do you freak out when your child eats 1 piece of bread at a buffet?

How many nights are you staying? Are you only going to do those 4 TS meals? Will you waste your meals on breakfasts?
so it would cost you 60.64 per adult and 19.23 for your child so 140.51 per night for the DDP.
My family can eat for a lot less. CP is 43.66 per adult. (allears.net) so that means your lunch needs to cost 17 to break even. That is close to what it costs for an entree, drink, and desert.

Thanks everyone.

Based on what I've seen on TP, I think in our case, I don't save enough money overall to warrant getting the plan.

Over 4 nights, the savings with the standard plan was approximately $40 and I know if I don't use the DDP, it will be even greater because we will eat what we want not what it takes to get our money's worth.


Agree. The DP includes a dessert at each lunch and dinner. We would not normally get a dessert for each of us at each meal. You can choose not to get dessert if you are not on the DP

1900 PF depends on what meal you are eating. Dinner is definitely closer to the $60 per person, breakfast is less.
Biergarten is also buffet like that.

I used this site http://www.distripplanner.com/ that @1st_trip_Dad recommended. It shows the price to be $35.99 tax included per adult for dinner at 1900PF

The calculator seems to be up to date because they use the 2015 dining rates, which were released in July.

Biergarten shows $34.99 tax included per adult.

There is a huge gap between $35.99 and "closer to the $60 per person", well more than the $4-5 per person at peak

Would someone that has eaten there recently let us know what they paid. It could even be one of the other buffets. I just need to know what you paid, the restaurant and when you were there. They all seem to be in the same range.

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TP app shows dinner at PF at 39.99 adult and 21.00 for 9 and under. Biergarten dinner is 32.99 and kids are 15.99. I think these are accurate except perhaps for a $4-5 surcharge for certain periods.

I think unless you try to maximize what you eat cost-wise, the DP isn't a deal. If you are doing the buffets, maximize your lunch, and eat your snack, it could be a deal. I'd use the prices on the TP app and estimate costs. Alcohol and tips would be extra in either DP or OOP so I wouldn't count that in the calculation.