What do you want to see in the theme park chapters of the Unofficial Guide?

Working on them this weekend. Every request will be considered! Act now!

When I think of something that I want to see. I look in my UG and see that it is already there!


I would love to see a chart or text box listing the restaurants (TS & CS) plus food cart options inside each park. I know all of this is in the food chapter, but I remember being frustrated that there wasn’t a park-specific list in each park chapter. As a newbie, I had to read through the counter service and TS restsurant profiles to make a list of my own for each park, so I could see what the in-park options were.


The best ways to route around parades when you have to get to something on the other side…


I’d love a little sidebar saying “If you haven’t visited in 1/5/10/20 years, here’s the new experiences you’ll want to make sure to hit”.


Maybe what to expect on major holidays and the 24hours day per park, or a holiday chapter on what to see when per holiday, like the gingerbread house at GF

Like MK at Christmas expect no entry for anyone between 3-5 (making up the time but you get it)


How about some information on the quality of wifi in the park? Major dead spots, good strong spots (preferably out of the sun and in A/C), and general coverage area/levels? This is really important, given how important MDE (and Lines!) are for touring WDW.


Best places for husband to find an adult beverage when someone has a meltdown.


@Savagekids: you’ll get a quicker answer in the LaCava section of forum. just sayin. LOL.


I would love to see more info on events and parties. A touring plan for F&W, etc. thanks

A complete checklist of all current rides and attractions and shows on the one page for each park.

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I think we can do this.

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I can add “good wi-fi reception / cell charging stations” to the map.

A complete map of wifi coverage might be too variable - Disney would probably update things faster than our map could, and a lot of it would depend on the device you’re carrying.


Love it.

Can we mention these in their appropriate sections, and provide links to the blog? I’m concerned about page count.

That sounds great!

How about a “Quick Start” guide and FAQ for the on-line TP resources and the Lines app?


Awesome!! This as a whole is one of the reasons why I love the UG, you guys are awesome!!

Thanks for bringing a smile to my day.

OK, this is in my update. Next stop: editor.

This is in my update, and Brian is working on posting it here to the forum for inspection. It’s What’s New in the Last 2/5/10 years, to save space.

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This is in my updates. Next stop: editor.

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