What do you want in the next version of Lines?

Assume that the next version of Lines will have the following:

  • A modern UI with support for things like swipe gestures
  • Instant wait-time submissions (so you don’t have to wait for the server to respond)

What other things would you like to see in future versions of Lines?


It’d be great if we could get push notifications when your fpp window starts (no matter where it is in your plan).

And maybe one an hour ahead of any dining reservation?


a map maybe, like on the web version - with our steps marked on it?


One thing that I noticed in the app is if I make a change to the plan and re-evaluate or optimize, the app makes me have to manually reload after a time period before seeing the results, rather than just automatically updating like it does on the website.


Oh, and while the thread has some not-so-serious ideas, there were some good ideas as well here:

I’d like to see the sorting drop down menu at the top and not the bottom. Or you could just put it in both spots at the top and the bottom. That would save me time every time I visit a park page to see attractions.


A map with stroller parking included. Anyway to get FP availability for more than 1 person?
A push notification when a ride that is closed reopens.


The check you (developer) do to see whether to include the link that will refresh the park page checks to see if the current time is greater than (or equal to) the official park open time. Instead, you should include the link as soon as Disney starts posting wait times for rides. The prime example for this is that Pandora typically opens earlier than the rest of animal kingdom, But you cannot refresh the page until official park open.


On the homepage, you include the overall crowd level for all of Walt Disney World. It would be nice if you also had the predicted levels for each of the parks.


I’d like to be able to rearrange a Personalized TP by putting in a number for a particular step. For example, I’ve got 20 steps at Epcot, and want to add something in the AM. I add it, and then have to click “move up” 15 times (and wait for the refresh) before it gets to the right spot. If I could just say, click a button that lets me put in “move to step 5”, that would be great.


I would like to sort by Super Land and to make that my default for attractions and dining.


I second that for my default. Even better to save me (and everyone else) time every time I go to a park page would be to include an option in a profile somewhere that would allow individual users to select their default preference on sorting.


I know Lines is for mobile use, but I would often use it on a PC. Looking at wait times in a web browser is not the greatest view. You have to resize your browser window to be able to easily line up the wait times with their attractions. It’s not super clear when they are spaced so far apart. In general, when testing Lines, it would be good to give it some PC browser tests as well.

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A way to bookmark a thread so that it’s not swamped with “sfl” comments.


I like this one a lot - you have my vote!

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Emojis for chat! An like buttons for comments in chat.



I actually thought about recommending getting rid of “my chats” (is everyone going to lose their minds about that?). That feature was before this forum was created. I think chat is fluid and is not designed to be searchable or bookmarked (we have the forum for that).


A way to prioritize your attractions so that when you optimize, it automatically cuts out your lower priority items if needed.


I still read through chat. Especially when I am not by my computer.