What do you think of my timing, Will they live?

So after many hours (ok days, well really weeks, ok let’s be honest I meant months) of considering our upcoming December trip, I have ended up with a tentative plan. We will stay at POR (really getting excited about this and am learning why this place is a favorite of so many) and have not as much time as I would like in the world before heading over to UOR. My question is about my time allotment and if it reasonable (I’m looking at you @OBNurseNH!)…

We will arrive late Weds eve so as not to have kids miss school day and be able to sleep in next morning.

Thursday- breakfast at POR (beignets!), pool time (10-11:00), shower time (11:00-12:00), boat to DS, the Void (make reservation for 12:45? It lasts about a half hour), lunch Homecoming (lunch 1:30-2:30), shuttle to CR or whichever monorail shuttle is first (leave a little after 2:30?) and then walk/monorail to MK for MVMCP (arrive for 3:30 queue). This seems tight, we may also be just as happy to eat QS at POR food court before DS. It sounds good and would have something for all of us. Also likely a lot quicker than TS at Homecoming. Then maybe snack at YeSake (we love sushi, anyone try this one?)

Friday- late morning AK day. TH with ROL package at 10:30? Then caring for giants tour (thanks @lizzieanne771!). Dinner at FTB, leave after early ROL show.

Saturday- RD HS 9am. See TS main goal. Also hope to ride TT, RRC, ST, see SW: galaxy far away and Frozen sing along, meet Olaf. Eat at SciFi. Leave park by 4? Will shuttle to POR then sadly (but also excitedly!) Uber to UOR for our last two days. Originally I wanted to park hop over to Epcot for CP this day but think that with needing to get to UOR that might be too much?

We will be at PB in UOR with express passes on low CL days so hoping we will do early mornings with mid-day rests and then evening hours those two days at UOR.

I have tried to fit in as much as I can into our short time (unfortunately can’t be longer due to schedules) without killing my family. So do you think they will live?

I should correct that we will likely use Lyft, not Uber.

I think everyone survives this scenario happily :wink:

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You will, I believe, need to make the slightly longer walk over to POFQ if you want to get beignets for breakfast. I’m fairly sure you can only get them at FQ, and not at Riverside. I certainly don’t remember seeing them on the bakery menu when I was staying at Riverside in January.


Yes this is right, or it certainly was on our last trip.

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You are right they are only at POFQ but that should be a nice walk (10 min?). Then a little pool time. If we are not up for walk we will stay at POR.


Yes about 10 mins from food court to food court.

Swimming at 10 am in Dec might be chilly, not sure. Depending on what building you’re at in POR, POFQ might take longer than a 10 min walk. My son did the ‘beignet run’ on Sunday and I almost missed it as I was walking from building 35 (saw today it’s the furthest building away). It’s probably closer to 15-20 minutes from that building. Walking that much was worth it, the beignets are very tasty. FTB has mobile ordering, that really helps with the long lines.

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