What do you think of my dining plans?

We just hit the 180 day mark and this is what I have planned. Tell me your thoughts. I made some of the lunch plans later in the afternoon so we will be at the parks at rope drop and hit the touring plan hard and then after lunch go back to the resort (Art of Animation) for a few hours rest. And then return to that park in the evening. THANK YOU FOR YOUR THOUGHTS! (I have 4 kids ages 15 to 8 and we will have two other families with us with kids in the same range – and of course since I’m the planner, I’ve been put in charge of all reservations and touring planning)

June 16 - Arrive June 16th at 9:35am - Disney Springs - 1pm lunch at Splitsville and then drinks at Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar - La Nouba at 6pm

June 17 - Epcot

June 18 - Magic Kingdom

June 19 - Hollywood Studios - 8am early Magic Hours - Fantasmic Dinner package - Hollywood and Vine Character dinner at 5pm - Fantasmic at ~8:30pm

June 20 - Magic Kingdom - Be Our Guest breakfast at 8am (so excited for this to be able to walk through MK when it’s empty and then be back in Fantasyland for rope drop) - Dessert Fireworks party - 9pm

June 21 - BREAK - mini-golf - Disney Boardwalk - pool fun - dinner at Ohana 7pm

June 22 - Epcot - lunch at Via Napoli at 3:10pm

June 23 - Animal Kingdom

June 24 - EMH 8am - Magic Kingdom - Lunch at Cinderella’s castle 12:20pm - leave Magic Kingdom around 3:30pm - Fly home at 7:35pm

I love your plans! One question: are you depending on MDE to/from the airport? I keep on running your 1st and last day through my mind. On your first day your flight will land and then you will need to DS-plane, get across the airport, get onto DME, to resort, drop off carry ons and then bus to DS and then walk across DS- all by 1:00? Do you have an ADR?

On your last day the DME will pick you up at the resort about 4:30. I have made the mistake of not allowing myself enough time leaving MK in the past (missed first bus, ECV loaded on second. Will you have checked your carry ons at AoA in the morning and have to pick them up before DME?

Great questions! I am planning on using DME to and from the airport.

I land on day 1 at 9:35am. I thought it might take 90min to 2 hours to get to AoA. And that gives me 1:30-2 hours to get to Splitsville at Disney Springs. I have a 1pm ADR at Splitsville. Is that not enough time? I could probably move the ADR to 1:30 or 2pm without any problem.

On the last day I hadn’t really made a solid plan. But I thought leaving MK at 3:30 and then leaving AoA at 4:30 on DME would be enough time. That is 3 hours prior to the flight. You bring up good points. I hadn’t really considered what I’d do with my carryon bags. I guess I would have AoA take our luggage in the morning and then see if they will store our carry on bags until I get back from MK. This is the first time I’ve ever tried to go to a Park on departure day. Any advice is very welcome! Thanks for the ideas PT!

I do not think you will get off the plan and down to DME until 10:00. Then at least an hour to AoA (it could be 90 minutes) which brings you to the resort at 11:00-11:30. You will check in (if you have dining?), check your bags and then get to the bus (everything takes longer than you think). I would think 12 at the earliest. Bus RO DS and then the walk across DS, it is possible but may be tight if anything goes wrong.

Before you leave for MK in the morning you should do the resort airline check in for all your checked luggage and check your carry ons at bell services. DME will be scheduled to pick you up 3 hours before your flights. I would be at the gate leaving MK 90 minutes before my DME pick up. You will have to go to bell srvices and have them get your bags before heading to DME.