What do you think about this Touring Plan?

I have a couple of concerns about making shows on time? Is this practical.


Hi I can’t access it. You need to make your plan public for us to see. Its a tick box you edit at the top of your plan

Yes, it is still private.

Thank you. I’ve ticked the box now. :slight_smile: Can you tell its my first post?

I cannot see it still. I think you have to click publish to make it visible?

I’ve ticked the box where it says publish.

This is what it says.

Publish This Plan?
(NOTE: This will allow anyone with the plan URL to view—but not edit—the plan.)

There is a little box next to it with a little tick in it. Is there somewhere else I should be saying this aswell?

I will post the link to the plan again just in case.


When I click on your link this is what I see: