What do you have delivered?

Trying to gather a list of items to bring vs. have delivered straight to the room….

What do you have delivered? Amazon or Instacart…


I mean I think it really depends on if you plan on eating meals at your room. are you driving or flying. We try to bring everything. We are staying at the Cabins at FW though this time so we will have all food delivered but will bring everything else.

If I’m going to be there for a week or more I will order water and diet coke and maybe a few breakfast and snack items. Pump hand soap and sunscreen are 2 other good items to have delivered.

Bottled water and a few breakfast items - pop tarts and breakfast bars. Plus a few snacks and drinks we can’t get in the U.K. I did Garden Grocer last time.

We had a rental so made our own stops for groceries but things we liked having handy for the room were: case of bottled water, bottled Powerade and Vitamin water to replenish after long, warm days in the parks & snacks for the room (we like chips, cookies, applesauce squeeze packets, granola bars & fruit snacks but whatever your family likes to snack on fits here). By the end of our trip what I had packed for sunscreen (several 3 oz bottles) was running out so DH picked that up on his last grocery run & was something we were happy not to run out of.

I have “my usual” garden grocer always ready to go. I do order it 120 days out to get a great discount. I like getting a 24 pack of water (cheaper than 4 bottles in the parks), fresh fruit, usually some other breakfast items and emergency snacks.


We eat most breakfasts and several lunches in the room, so we order quite a bit. We use Amazon Fresh, and usually order water by the gallon, milk, juice, yogurt, fresh fruit, bread, bagels, coffee creamer, lunch meat and cheese, and some raw veggies. When we have a 1 bedroom villa with full fridge it’s perfect! This trip we’re in a studio, with a smaller fridge. We’re going to bring a collapsible cooler for the fruit and vegetables. We’ll just keep stocking it with ice.

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I order bottled water, breakfast things we can eat in line waiting for bus or on the skyliner, and usually goldfish, scooby snacks, pringles or some other snack we can take in to the parks for DS14 to eat.

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You get a discount for ordering early?

Yes! I believe it is: 120 days = 25%, 90 days = 20%, 60 days = 10%, 30 days = 7%, 15 days = 5% off your subtotal .


where do you order from that gives those discounts?

Garden Grocer.

Frequently Asked Questions | Garden Grocer

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For OP, I’ve done Garden Grocer for my pre trip planning so it’s there on arrival.

Then I’ve done Instacart for more immediate things, or a better selection.

Lastly I’ve done regular Amazon for longer stays for things like noise machines or pillows that I didn’t want to drag on the plane with me. Then I either put it into my Owners Locker or have it shipped home from the business centers with the souvenirs.

We always have breakfast items delivered (milk, cereal, granola, juice, bread), paper goods (paper towels, plates, plastic silverware, small and large Dixie cups), laundry supplies, anything for a meal we plan to make in the room, water bottles, etc.

We bring anything with us that is difficult to find a substitute for: preferred brand items, medications, diapers, swim diapers, even-spray sunscreen, etc.


Depending on ages, cereal like Cheerios or Fruit Loops are good on the go breakfast for kids. If they eat Peanut Butter, bringing a small jar to the parks was a nice filling meal/ snack for my 7 and 4 year olds. We just grabbed spoons at QS locations