What do you guys think of my plans?


Whoops. Forgot to add the updated EPCOT plan. https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=2624851

Your note for SE says you’ll try to get a 4th FP after riding, but you won’t be able to do that until you use your FEA FP at 7pm.

There are no meal breaks?

For Epcot
What does it do to the plan if you do test track first and then use the Spaceship earth fast pass? That may or may not lower your test track wait. Another option is check if you swapped test track and soarin and see what that does to waits.

For Agent P, know that it takes about 20 min for each country mission and that you only see one country per mission. My kids love it and it is a lot of fun, but just so you know for planning purposes.

For MK:
That is a lot of walking. You may want to cluster rides that are closer together. You could also consider getting a FP for peter pan if you can. You may be able to pick up a fourth for Mickey or Space. PP can go down a fair amount and that really messes up the wait times for it. Or RD it if you are planning to be ahead of the crowds.

For lunch, are you planning to eat while you hold your parade spot? That can be tricky if you don’t give yourself enough time. It looks a little tight to get there and get food and get a spot.

For HS
Do you have a meal with F! fast passes? I didn’t see it in the plan. Or are you just hoping for a 4th FPP for Fantasmic? The plan has 120 min of free time after Rockin Roller Coaster and 75 after Little Mermaid.

Got FEA FP after I organised most the plan. Going to try and put it earlier in the day.